‘Instead Of Trolling Rahul Gandhi, Learn From Him’ Says Congress’ Leader Meem Afzal

Saicharan Palakurthi

The grand old party of India, INC’s officials stated that instead of trolling Rahul Gandhi, the BJP leaders have so much to learn from him.

The party’s higher faces hailed the Vice-president Rahul Gandhi for his orders on stopping the people making the negative slogans on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they further added that the courteousness and alertness in the protocol of Rahul Gandhi are quite admirable.

Meanwhile, the Congress spokesperson Meem Afzal praised their vice-president saying “Rahul Gandhi has always asked us to follow protocol and morality in politics. He has always been of the opinion that one should not use foul language. Whenever we talk about the Prime Minister, we talk in a very decent manner. This is the reason, when slogans were raised against the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi, instead of encouraging them, said that such sloganeering should not be done. This elevates the stature of Mr. Rahul Gandhi and the people of BJP who are busy trolling him should learn a lesson.”

He added that the ruling party is avoiding Parliament as they’re scared of getting exposed by Rahul Gandhi.

“It was the BJP which stalled parliament during the last days of the session. The party did not let Rahul Gandhi speak on the floor because it was afraid that he might reveal something explosive.”

Earlier, on December 14th Rahul Gandhi alleged the government that they were not letting him speak in parliament because he had personal information about the Prime Minister’s corruption.

“The way their Parliamentary Affairs minister criticized the Congress, it shows that democracy holds no value in the eyes of this government,” he added.

Afzal extended his claims shifting his focus towards demonetisation saying that they reminded the loopholes in the demonetization earlier, but the BJP didn’t even notice them and these are the consequences of such ignorance.

“The government, till now, has made 125 rules related to demonetization. When we pointed out that the government has announced the move without any preparedness, they didn’t consider it and now they are coming up with new rules every single day. This proves that the government did not take anything into consideration. They inflicted pain on 125 crore people, out of whom many even died.”

The minister further took on the recent development of Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), reducing its interest rate from 8.8% to 8.65 %.

“Till now, the workers, labourers, the poor were in distress, but now the service class is on target. This attack is very shameful. They are not ready to spare anyone,” he said.

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