[Watch Video] HORRIFIC! Leopard Attacks School Building In Assam, Four Children Injured

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

A fierce wildcat has run into the school in Assam, attacked its children and left four of them injured. The incident took place in Guwahati’s Dhirenpara. Just after the animal entered the school building, clouds of panic surrounded those who were present there at the time.

leopard attacks school children

This terrific accident has happened back on November 12th. It is assumed that the injured might be more than four. And, what all that surprised everyone is the way crowd handled the situation. A huge number of people collected in the vicinity and some were adventurous enough to venture near the room where the creature was holed up. Soon after the animal was locked under the roof, it is tranquilized by the authorities, then taken aback safely into the Assam Zoo.

Watch the video here:

Back then, a similar incident has taken place in Kinnaur district of the same state. Here, the animal mauled a 74-Year-Old woman to death in Ribba Village of the district. Later, the animal was shot dead by a team of locals constituted by the state wildlife department. The department gave permission to kill the leopard after the death of the elderly person. The four-member team tracked the animal and shot it from the spot where the woman was attacked. It is believed that the cat was more than 1.82 meters in length and weighed 47 kgs.

In the later incident, the body of the leopard has been sent for post-mortem. “Whether the leopard was a man-eater or not would be known only after the postmortem report is received,” an official was quoted saying so.

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