Madras High Court Issues’ Notice On Jayalalithaa’s Death Case, Amma’s Dead Body Might Be Exhumated

Saicharan Palakurthi

There were many allegations, rumors and individual opinions on former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa’s death. After all the respect she earned through her invaluable services to the state her sudden death froze the whole south Indian states.

Considering the doubts on the reasons behind her death, the Madras High Court issued notices to probe a mere interrogation. If necessary, the dead body of Amma might be dug out.

It is believed that in order to let the people know the real issues behind their beloved chief minister’s death, the HC made such move.

Justice S Vaidyanathan, who was heading a two-judge vacation bench said: “One day it was told that she is walking, another day you said that she will come out and suddenly what happened. Even with regard to the health of late Chief Minister MGR, the video was released,” Justice Vaidyanathan said.

Vaidyanathan asked the AG, “What is that you say. Right to live is a Fundamental Right. The public should know what has happened,” he added.

“Even relations were not allowed to see and they are also not before the court now. I personally find in case if I have doubt I may order the exhumation of the body of deceased and you have not told anything when she was alive,” the judge said.

“You went there. You have not reported anything. You know everything. But not reported anything for the reasons best known to you. You kept quiet,” the judge asked Madanagopala Rao, who appeared on behalf of Union Government. “We also saw in newspapers that the chief minister was recovering and that she was eating, signing papers and even conducting meetings. And then suddenly she was dead,” said the bench.

“When she was admitted to the hospital, it was said that she was on the proper diet. At least after her death now, the truth should be revealed,” the judge said, asking for a complete health report. The AIAKMK which chose Sasikala as the new chief secretary said the party has “nothing to hide.”

 “Why would we tell lies for 75 days? Would a heart attack inform before happening?” said party spokesperson CR Saraswathy. “The judge must think about the feeling of the cadres. It has hurt us but we are ready to reply to this,” she said.

Coming to the details, an AIADMK worker P.A. Joseph filed the PIL seeking an inquiry commission or a fact- finding committee to probe the circumstances leading to the death of Jayalalithaa. “After the demise, everybody has a right to question. I personally have a doubt,” he said.

A number of questions were left unanswered on the very exact day when the party has appointed VK Sasikala as the party’s next general secretary.

Earlier in December, Justice Vaidyalingam, made an informal appeal to investigate the issue after observing the so many questions unanswered.


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