Demonetisation: Man Beaten Up For Blaming Narendra Modi For Long Queues At ATM

Written By : AIR Staff

In a shocking incident, a 45-year-old man was allegedly attacked with cricket stumps in southeast Delhi’s Jaitpur area after he blamed the Prime Minister for long queues outside ATMs on Sunday.

The incident took place when the victim, identified as Lallan (45), and the accused Aashiq, were standing near an ATM kiosk. Lallan also alleged of being robbed of Rs 6,000 by the accused. The police, however, only registered a case of wrongful restraint and assault.

Delhi Man ‘beaten’ after he blamed PM Modi for queues outside ATMs:

According to complainant Lallan Singh Kushwaha, he was on his way to buy a television set, when he passed an ATM and noticed the long queue, they said. Reportedly, he said ‘Modiji ki wajah se line lagi hai’ (queue is because of Modi), following which a man named Atik came out of the crowd and started beating him.

The comment did not go down well with one Aashiq who first abused him and then started pushing him. As Lallan tried pacifying him, Aashiq became aggressive and hit him with a cricket stump.

Following the demonetization drive announced on November 8, the problem of standing in large queues to withdraw money either from ATMs or Banks have been quite prevalent. While the RBI and the Government has reportedly issued enough cash to ease the worries, but ATMs all over have either been fully not functional or empty in most cases.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while announcing demonetisation talked of small pains for larger gains and minor disruptions. Following which he said the situation will be normalized in 50 days. The drive which received flakes from various opposing political parties, also the most debated issue during the winter session of the Parliament, is still being criticized.

But no report of violence for critiquing the move by PM Modi was yet reported, hence this incident will be looked into by Delhi Police. According to PTI, the police said the matter is being investigated.

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