Maulvi Who Declared Rs 10 Lakh Reward On Sonu’s Head Shave Asks Him To Leave India Now!

AIR Staff

Indian popular singer Sonu Nigam has been making headlines over the past few days, and we are loving his sass. It all started when the singer commented on being woken up by the early morning Azaan and went on to rant about how he doesn’t like this ‘forced religiousness’ being imposed on people without their consent.

Things took a ridiculous turn when a Maulvi issued fatwa against him and promised to pay Rs 10 lakhs to the one who shaves off Sonu’s head; accepting this challenge, the singer himself arranged for an Aalim and got bald in front of the media.

Stubborn Nigam didn’t give up here, he trolled the Maulavi openly in front of the entire media and demanded the reward of 10 Lakhs.

Talking about the Maulvi, Sonu Nigam says,

I don’t give access to people. He is not that significant anyway. I knew he would back down.

But it seems like Sonu Nigam Azaan row is getting more intense and dramatic each passing day.

Recently, the fatwa slammed Sonu by saying that,

The Maulvi said that only if Sonu Nigam wears a garland of torn shoes and tours India, he will get the reward. People slammed him for taking such a U-Turn.

And today, he has come up with a new statement and has once again bashed Sonu Nigam. Now, the Muslim cleric says that since Sonu has disrespected the Constitution of India, he should leave the country immediately.

Al Quaderi said,

Sonu (Nigam) has insulted the Constitution of the country…. I think such a person must consider leaving the country.”

Apart from this, he also added that,

He has also hurt religious sentiments of many Indians by speaking against ‘Azaan’ (Islamic call to worship). He must apologise as soon as possible admitting that he has done a mistake”.


The Maulvi spoke this openly in front of media at a press conference today. Moreover, he has agreed to handover the amount to Sonu Nigam once he fulfills the other 2 conditions.

Check out how people (Even Muslims) are totally against this Maulvi.

No misinterpretation!

Don’t need a mullah/maulvi!

Islam teaches not to lie!

Such people exist in all religions and they do nothing but provoke and divide people.

Every day, we are seeing some new developments in this matter; let’s see what happens tomorrow. What is your take on this? Let us know your views in our comments section below.