Mika Singh Urges Sonu Nigam To Change His House, Slams Nigam On Twitter

Saicharan Palakurthi

There are many incidents where celebrities simply bash over specific rules or people on twitter, these fights are limited to twitter baits, media hype and newspapers. But, the 43-Year-Old popular Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam is nothing less on the field.

Sonu Nigam has curtained an another controversy by making some eccentric statements on the ‘Azaan-Muslim call for prayer’. He boldly took on to his twitter handle and went tweeting how he’s offended by the religious contexts. He questioned the necessity of broadcasting the announcement on loudspeakers from mosques in public.

We all know how dramatic the scene has become now, there are various people who opposed him and others, who supported him, like Richa Chaddha.

Surprisingly, the popular singer Mika Singh now took on to his twitter handle and made a shocking tweet, he deliberately suggested Sonu Nigam change his house, if he is disturbed.

Mika in his tweets said that he performed various devotional events and jagrans and it is unfair to take a dig by tweeting on Azaan.

Read Mika’s tweets here:
mika singh tweets on sonu nigam

mika singh and sonu nigam jagrans

Later, Mika deleted these tweets and tweeted one more in which he clearly explained the issue He quoted that the religious places are not only the places for loudspeakers, they represent the charity, langars and honourable things.

Whatever Mika has said is just his individual opinion and it has nothing to do with generalising the issue. Let us wait for the reply from Sonu Nigam and let us hope, the tiny debate won’t turn out to be an ugly war ruining the personal relationships of the singers.

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