Watch: Mumbai Local Train Passengers Randomly Breaking Into A Song Is An Awesome Sight

AIR Staff

Traveling in a Mumbai suburban train can itself be a tell-o-tale for a first-time traveler. There are lots of stories one witnesses if he travels in a local train in the financial capital. Mumbai shines harder in difficult circumstances. And that’s what separates Mumbai from every city in the world.

Amidst of the busy schedule and hectic work one must have some time to relax. A group of singers in Mumbai local train is entertaining the passengers with their tunes. Here is a video captured and subsequently tweeted by a Twitter user where the passengers are enjoying the tunes of famous songs. This is yet another example of Mumbai’s spirit, ordinary businessmen with extraordinary talent and their love for music.

Watch The Video Here:

As one man sets the beats by playing above the window of the train as if it was a tabla(musical instrument), another sings with all the passion and love for music. The other fellow passengers sing along and have a great time, by adding tunes and suggestions of their own. This is a regular practice for the commuters in the Mumbai locals, this shows their unity and spirit of togetherness.

Any train heading to or from Virar, there will always be a coach where a bunch of people sing bhajans. Not only do they sing songs, they also play musical instruments!