This Muslim Girl Texted Her Dad And Asked Permission To Remove Her Hijab! What He Replied Back Is Winning Hearts!

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Burka and Hijab is a burning issue in the life of Muslim Women. Some Muslims believe that wearing the hijab or burka is compulsory for women under Islam. While some other claim that the Holy Quran makes no mention of it and so it is not compulsory for Islam followers.

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They say Hijab is a big responsibility and it symbolizes privacy and modesty. Sure it is when one of the first things you face after wearing it is the awkward gaze of people around you. While some, I’ll admit, are forced to wear it, a lot of Muslim women choose to don it.

Now, times have changed and so have the mindsets of people; Hijab has become the most debated issue, with some people thinking that it is a symbol of repression rather than a symbol of pride.

On the same context, here is a conversation between a daddy-daughter which is melting hearts.

Well, this Muslim girl Lamyaa (17) from Pennsylvania, messaged her dad who resides in Saudi Arabia that she wants to get rid of her hijab; what her dad replied has made us believe in the fact that there are some things that are beyond “Religion”.

Lamyaa was a part of some social media group, wherein everyone was discussing “Trump and Islam”. Someone mocked Lamyaa and said that if she doesn’t wear a hijab, her father would not spare her. Here’s the screenshot of that message.

The message read, “Stop defending Islam Bit*h shut up you couldn’t take that scarf off or your dad would beat your as*.”

In order to prove her point, she thought of messaging her dad and checking his response. Have a look at the conversation between Lamyaa and her dad.

And her wonderful father replied saying,

She tweeted about this incident:

Since this is a mentality a lot of you seem to have

— l a m y a a (@lxmyaa) April 15, 2017

Needless to say, after she posted the entire episode on Twitter, love and support started pouring in.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted:

Dad is perfect!

Shame on some people!

I love your dad and love you!

Every man should speak up!

Wow, what a heartwarming reply from her dad. He’s definitely breaking stereotypes by supporting his daughter, isn’t it?

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