Payal Slammed Jet Airways Using Social Media And Got Massively Trolled!

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TV actress & Bigg Boss contestant Payal Rohatgi isn’t happy with the behavior of the staff of Jet Airways. Apparently, Payal was supposed to take a 6:50 am flight to Kerala with her boyfriend for which they reached the airport at 6:20 am.

Payal seems to have indulged in some serious feud with one of the staff from the airline’s company. Rohatgi said she and her partner Sangram Singh were to fly Jet Airways from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram in the business class and despite reaching at 6:20 am for a 6:50 am flight, the Jet Airways staff offloaded them.

Before telling you how Payal gave the entire incident a communal angle, let us first inform you that reporting 30 minutes before the gates could be considered late.   Most airlines request passengers to check-in at least 75 minutes before the departure time and get to the gates at least 45 minutes before the take-off.

She went on angry rant against the airways on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s the video.


Jet Airways is the most pathetic airline. I was offloaded as there was NO Extra Bus to drop us from gate to plane or whatever was the reality from secular angle to rowdy supervisor, to their timeline story. Hope all the intolerant people can get a life too ????

Posted by Payal Rohatgi on Monday, January 2, 2017

She said she was stopped by Nadim, a supervisor, and his assistant Abdul — “two Muslim guys” in her own words and said it could be an “act of secularism” or that these staff members could have been having a bad day.

As per official rules, Jet Airways requires the Flyers to reach the security gates at least 45 minutes in advance since the gates close 25 minutes before the flight takes off. So, if we go by the airline rules, she was supposed to reach there at 6.05 am!

People on social media platforms blasted actress Payal Rohatgi for giving incident of her being offloaded from the flight a communal hue and suggest that she ‘reach the airport on time’ next time. There were few logical social media users who gave it back to her properly.

Here are some of the replies she got for her video and tweets:    

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She also said that the supervisor denied her permission stating she was late, and that they wrote on the boarding passes that they reported at 6:36 am and the couple were being offloaded since the gates were closed.

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