PM Modi Didn’t Sign on Indian National Flag, Hence no Violation of Flag Code

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Amid the outrage of millions of Indians across the globe and the opposing political wings of the government in the homeland, a new development in the violation of national flag code has erupted. Abruptly criticisms flared up as soon as the news of PM Modi signing on  Indian national flag to gift it to the US President Barack Obama by the celebrity chef Vikas Khanna on Thursday night.

modi sign on indian national flag

‘PM Modi Signed on National Flag Only After Being Insisted’

Frank Noronha, Government spokesman condemned the allegations over Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for signing over the national flag violating the code of conduct. Frank Noronha said, “all these are the hearsays some reprobates have been creating while the issue of violation of national flag code hasn’t been confiscated.”

Press Information Bureau, director general (Media and Communication) Frank Noronha addressed the media in New Delhi articulating that the piece of cloth was a work of handicraft prepared by physically- challenged daughter of the chef Vikas Khanna and the Prime Minister had autographed it on compassionate basis after Khanna and his family made a request.

In an official statement, Mr. Noronha said, “The piece of cloth does not have white colour nor the wheel….It has been prepared by Khanna’s daughter with her toe and the Prime Minister was compassionate.” While the Indian Flag Code, 2002, states that putting any kind of inscription upon the Indian national flag is construed as disrespect to the flag which also states that lettering of any kind shall not be put on the tricolor.

narendra modi sign violation of national flag code

PM Modi signed Indian tricolor flag for chef Vikas Khanna prepared the menu for Modi’s dinner with Fortune 500 CEOs on at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria, however the chef claimed that it was not the national flag invoking to a new controversy. Chef Vikas Khanna tweeted through this official twitter account clarifying the controversy as “It was Make in India insignia with Ashoka Chakra gears hand painted by Smile Foundation children. Not the national flag.”

Tweet of Chef Vikas Khanna is contradicting with his official representative’s remarks which briefed “The chef presented his cookbook Utsav to the PM, which he covered with the flag as a mark of respect. He never expected that it will stir such a big controversy.” Anyways social media is trending with this misinterpretation of statements and words between different people. Perhaps PM Modi and other dignitaries remarks over this violation of national flag code brings down all issues.

 How Violation of National Flag Code Started,

Chef Vikas Khanna’s statement of gifting the autographed tricolour to Obama sparked off all the big debate and controversy with the unclear subject matter. Randeep Surjewala, Congress Party’s chief spokesperson said in New Delhi “we are not petty like BJP. We respect the office of the Prime Minister” on being asked whether the PM Modi’s action of signing on a national flag was an offence under IPC.

He further added “Mr. Modi must look within and take corrective action as respect for the national flag is the responsibility of 125 crore people, more so for the Prime Minister. However high you may be, the national flag is above you, you should understand this.”

vikas khannna flag modi signature autograph

Former minister and eminent leader of Congress party, Manish Tewari tweeted “Has PM read para 2.1 sub-para 6& Para 3.28 of Flag Code 2002 that states lettering on National Flag is misuse.3 yrs jail under PINH Act 2003” responding to the violation of national flag code. On the other hand facing the heat from the opposition polecat parties such as Congress, BJP accused the them of “raking up a controversy where none exists” and making “irrelevant and unwarranted” comments on PM Modi.

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