PM Modi Trolled Again on Twitter with Hashtag #FakebookMeetsFacebook

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Since past couple of days, Indian media has been amplifying the news of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the USA and his meet with top tech leaders of Silicon Valley. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Indian origin tycoons Sundar Pichai of Google, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Tim Cook have been a few delegates among the fortune 300 global companies who met with PM Modi during the digital India dinner.

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Twitter Changes Course of Modi’s US Tour

Although the a major Indian media which is accrediting PM Modi for his efforts and meeting with tech leaders to attain digital India so as to empower the rural India. Though many arousing and occupying promises which have been assured by the PM Modi during this tour are being acknowledged by his supporters and pros while critics and people against him are implicating him as a fudge for not fulfilling promises he made.

Twitter users have coined a word for PM Modi’s current stand with an acronym ‘Fakebook’. Indian twitterati is trending with the hashtag #FakebookMeetsFacebook since past few hours recalling PM Modi’s false promises made, taking an opportunity for a jibe on online social media. Opponents and critics stated PM Modi had always been ahead in visualizing day dreams for the people of the nation, but he has failed to work to turn those dreams and assured promises to reality.

Tweets have been pondering over twitter with hashtags #FakebookMeetsFacebook jibing at PM Modi in funny contexts which are worth of reading and having fun. Most of the tweets are fun loving which surely make your day as stress busters apart from condemning him and his fake book promises. Here are a few which are worth of being through them, watch out these tweets cited below,

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