This Video Of Principal And Teacher Fighting With Each Other In Front Of Students Is Going Viral!

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It is common that we come across silly fights between students in the school. But have you ever thought that or heard that a Principal and teacher have a physical fight, that too in front of all students in a school class. Almost, no right! But, here is a news that will simply leave you in complete SHOCK and surprise.

In a shocking turn of events, a headmistress and a science teacher at a Government High School in Sundhra, Dera Bassi were beating up each other in front of the students. The scuffle which lasted for about 20 minutes was recorded by the students.

As we all know a teacher is the main person who shapes a child’s future in many ways. Not only books, they also teach the moral values and courtesies behavior to the students. The students learn from their teachers’ actions. Therefore, we can only imagine the impact these teachers had on the children at this Government High School.

In a video that recently went viral, a headmistress and a science teacher are seen beating each other in a classroom, in front of the students and other teachers. Some of the students captured the embarrassing incident on camera.

Watch The Video Here:

According to a Hindustan Times report, the headmistress Veena Bassi and science teacher Kailash Rani had a verbal altercation on some issue, after which they started thrashing each other with their bags while delivering a few punches as well. As Rani begins to leave the classroom, another teacher rushed to her and try to beat her.

As per the teacher Kailash Rani, the headmistress and the other teachers wanted Kailash Rani to be transferred but the transfer was put on stay by the court. That is why the “headmistress can’t stand” her. Further, she alleged that even though she was in line for the post of Vice-headmistress, a teacher junior to her was given the post.

Refuting these claims, the Head mistress has another story to tell. She claims that the teachers are in danger because this is not the first time Kailash Rani has attacked the teachers and that’s why she demanded her transfer.

Fed up and disheartened with this on going feud, the chairman of the school committee, Manjit Singh said,

“Teachers are supposed to be the shining examples of good moral behavior and are not expected to stoop to such low levels.”

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