Shah Rukh Khan Gives A Kickass Reply To “Traitor Trolls” And Reminds Them Whose Son He Is

Vamshi Krishna

Each and every one who has been on Twitter knows that it is a place where trolling is common which overflows every time. Every day, we can see thousands and thousands of twitter users posting something whether it is interesting or controversial or not. Even celebrities participate in this and share their views with their fans.

There are few Twitter celebrities who often flash in the news through Twitter. Top Twitter Celebrities in India are Virender Sehwag, KRK, Sushma Swaraj, Ram Gopal Varma and much more. Here, anyone can troll anyone.


Traitor Trolls On SRK:

It is no big news that Shah Rukh Khan was targeted by a certain section of Twitterati. They were certainly upset with SRK and Mukesh Ambani. Why because Mukesh Ambani chose SRK as the brand ambassador for Reliance’s Jio. These people are in a belief that SRK is anti-national, a Pakistani and a traitor.

In this regard, they started buzzing #JioRemoveSRK on Twitter. It has once again proved that “No matter what you achieve for this country, people will focus more on your religion and your caste.” Thus, Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter and wrote a message to all his haters and reminded that he is the son of a freedom fighter and married to a Punjabi Hindu woman.


Most of his fans know that Shah Rukh Khan is the son of Meer Taj Mohammed Khan, an Indian freedom fighter. Reportedly, SRK’s father was also one of the youngest freedom fighters and was active in the Peshawar region. After the India-Pakistan partition, he moved to New Delhi in 1948, and married Lateef Fatima, in 1959. SRK’s father died of cancer in 1981.


Shah Rukh Khan married a Punjabi Hindu, Gauri Chibber, and says that ‘he respects his wife’s religion and that their children follow both religions.’ SRK added that in our home, the Quran and Hindu deities share the same sacred space.

What do you think about the above incident? Whom do you support SRK or Twitterati? Share your views in the comments section below.

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