This Hyderabadi Guy Quit His Bank Job & Rolled On For ‘Marijauna’ A.K.A ‘Ganja’ Startup

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Startups have become an evolution since after the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. IT, online shopping, blogging, website designing and handicrafts, there are unlimited ways to start one’s own company.

But, what this Hyderabadi guy did is quite out of the box and unfortunately ‘out of law’. He left his valuable bank job setting foot on a drug startup.

Now, what all he is left with is the shackles around his wrists and himself in between the bars.

Sources claim that Syed Shahed Hussain, 33, is a former bank employee. He operates the weed business from a flat at Friends Colony in Manikonda. Shahed has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has been staying at a rented flat, for the past three months.

The operation of catching this drug fish is not quite planned, it is just an instant raid. Task Force team kept vigil at Jeeshan Cafe near Banjari Darwaza on Aljapur Road of Golconda on Sunday evening and caught him on the spot where he was selling weed.

The Task Force team encountered were awe-struck looking at the maintenance facilities, including humidifiers and LED lights to provide the right ambience.

Shahid learned this art of growing weed from his US-based friend Garith Christopher. Growing weed in a closed atmosphere strictly needs scientific precision under controlled temperatures to allow cannabis to flower from seed with video tips from an American friend.

“Based on Garith’s advice, Shahed went through videos online and learnt the art of ganja cultivation. He purchased necessary material locally and started cultivation on a trial basis,” said Task Force sub-inspector G Mallesh, who participated in the raid.

Police seized sacks of soil, which Shahed procured from Agency areas in Visakhapatnam and Karnataka, which is suitable for marijuana cultivation.

The verdict of the raid states the seizure of the 40 ganja plants neatly placed in flower pots in two rooms.

Deputy commissioner of police, Task Force, N Koti Reddy said “Shahed installed ACs in both rooms to maintain a conducive temperature. He also kept LED lights above the plants to maintain natural light-like situation and kept table fans in swing mode to give them sufficient air.”

Police further mentioned that Shahid used to purchase ganja from suppliers in Visakhapatnam, East Godavari and Tandur areas for Rs 3,500 a kilo and sell it to customers in Hyderabad for Rs 16,000 a kilo.

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