9 Things You Must Do To Incredibly Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Saicharan Palakurthi

Putting aside the tax bills, shopping bills, and others, electricity bill always stands as the most terrific one. For its most unpredictable factors in being charged, there are literally few ways to prevent ourselves from being succumbed to the extremely staggering bills.

These following few minor but smart adjustments could help you save electricity and cut your electric bills in half.

1. Always set your A/C to an optimum 24 degrees 

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For all the Heat haters, this one goes, if you are one of those people that cannot seem to function without an air conditioner, then you probably have electricity bills that are skyrocketing. Air conditioners, especially in the summer, are used quite regularly but can suck a lot of electricity. The colder the temperature on the A/C, the higher your bill. So instead of making your home like an igloo at 16 degrees, set your A/C to a comfy 24 degrees to save on.

2. Mind your lights

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The right lights can make all the difference in how much electricity you consume. Compact fluorescent bulbs may provide the same lighting as incandescent bulbs, but they are known to be four times more energy efficient. While these energy saving bulbs are costlier than regular bulbs, they also use less energy and last much longer, in some cases, up to a year. Instead of the regular fluorescent bulbs, buy the warm white ones which give off a nice yellow glow and look appealing in just about any home. Make sure to choose one large bulb over several small ones.

3. Wash ‘n’ save

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This one is less popular but more vital, your washing machine works most efficiently if you fill it up nicely with dirty clothes and use the requested amount of detergent only. If your clothes are not too dirty, using cold water is fair enough. If possible use a timer facility and dry your clothes naturally instead of using an electric dryer.

4. Energy-friendly shower

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To all those for whom a hot bath is necessary, give your geyser a break after 10 am or keep it switched off altogether because cold showers are way more refreshing. If you need hot water, reduce the thermostat setting to 50 degrees. If available use a solar water heater, which is the eco-friendly alternative to your regular electric water heater.

5. Keep an eye on your Refrigerator

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There goes a scientific explanation for this, a crowded fridge prevents air from circulating. With less air circulation, your fridge is working extra hard to keep cool. And the harder it works, the more electricity it is consuming. Conversely, the fuller your freezer, the more efficiently it works. Keep the thermostat of your fridge in the medium cooling position. Avoid putting any warm or hot foods into it straight away. Make sure that liquids are always covered and the food is wrapped up, as they might get moist and cause the compressor to work extra, ultimately charging more.

6. Green shade

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Always stock up some potted plants and shrubs or plant some trees in front of your house if possible and position them in such a way that they block the sun from shining straight on your A/C. A unit operating in the shade needs up to 10 percent less electricity than one exposed to the sun.

7. Be iron-wise

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Well, this is bit funny, but works for sure, who knew that the simple act of ironing can also make a huge difference on your energy-saving tactics? Make sure that you buy an iron that has an automatic temperature cut off. Another tip is to avoid wetting your clothes while you iron them. Don’t iron clothes as soon as they are out of the wash, as they may be damp and consume more electricity.

8. Prefer a pressure cooker

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It saves time as well as energy. If you own an electric stove, turn it off a couple of minutes before the specified cooking time and cook in the remaining heat instead. Allow any items that you remove from the fridge to come to room temperature by sitting outside for about 10 minutes, and then cook them.

9. Can you make that in a microwave?

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Literally a power eater, a microwave oven consumes half as much energy as a regular electric stove. You never have to preheat a microwave, unless if you are baking. If you have to check on your food, don’t do it too often. Every time you open the door of your microwave, the temperature drops by 25 degrees.

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