Wow! This Video Of Kerala Priest’s Breakdance Moves Is Breaking The Internet! [Watch Video]

AIR Staff

We have seen Christian priests of the musicians and great devotional singers. And also, if you were a student from Christian educational institutions, or even if you aren’t, you are probably aware of the strict, straight-faced priests who head these schools and colleges.

Generally, the only reason why students remember to maintain good manners and discipline in cultural events is because of the fear of priests and their rules. But, here is a priest who will prove all of us wrong, in the most charming way possible!

Yes, this video of a priest in Kerala breaking into awesome dance moves is going viral on the internet now with many cheering for the priest’s sweet moves.

Watch The Video Here:

In the video, we can see a man in a black suit joins the priest and lets him loose his inner Michael Jackson, in a visibly impromptu gig, as he breaks into some of the coolest moves you probably have seen all your life!

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