[WATCH VIDEO] Woman Dies Horrifically As Crane Crushed Her After The Scooter Slipped On Uneven Road Surface

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Indian roads just par below the minimum quality, we all know that, and that is one of the vital reason behind the ongoing plethora of road accidents. Once again in North India, citizens continued to fall prey to the uneven roads, the recent disturbing videos and incidents recorded on the CCTV footages are the ample proofs.

mumbai roads uneven

This incident took place in Khargar, Maharastra, the 34-Year-Old woman died at Kargar, after her scooter skipped off the uneven roads, slipped onwards ending up being crushed by the crane that was right behind her. The woman died on the spot, meanwhile, the crane driver fled, later caught and detained.

The incident occurred around 8 pm and the victim is recognized as Sujata, and sources claim that she got slipped on the road after crossing the speed breaker.

woman dies in crane crash in mumbai

As it is mentioned above, the crane driver is caught after few hours, in under inquiry, legal interrogation is on and a formal case was registered against him. These disturbing visuals are raising some serious concerns about the quality of the roads with respect to the traffic.

Coming to the victim’s part, Sujata has two young children, and her family members wish to maintain a low-profile regarding the issue. On a brief note, it the sheer negligence of the civic body that drained the future of the young kids who lost their mother in this distressful accident.

Watch the video here:

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