This Bengaluru Woman Gave A Perfect Lesson To Her Molester On New Year’s Eve That He’ll Never Forget!

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Bengaluru’s New Year incident is a blot of shame on the Indian society. Mass molestation of women in Bangalore ruined the New Year’s eve for many. This incident has left a big question mark on a number of things.

It really seems like Bengaluru has gone to the dogs and it is a matter of national shame for all of us. Even despite the deployment of 1500 police personnel, hundreds of women were mass molested and eve teased.

In fact, a CCTV footage was obtained which showed a woman being manhandled by two bikers. The state government and police have been criticised for not being able to maintain law and order despite the 1,500-odd personnel being deployed in the city on the day.

Moreover, Samajwadi Party Mumbai unit chief Abu Azmi blamed the mass molestation on women wearing modern clothes and ‘straying away’ from Indian culture. He even said,

“In this modern age, the lesser clothes a woman is wearing, more modern she is considered. If my sister or daughter is roaming around on December 31 with random men who aren’t their husband or brother, I don’t think that’s right.” 

Needless to say, the statement drew a lot of flak when the minister blamed dressing sense instead of lack of administration.

However, not all molesters got away with their misdeeds. The 24-year-old photographer Chaitali Wasnick made sure her molester learnt a lesson he’d never forget.

Wasnik was walking home from work reportedly around 1.30am and she didn’t fear because there were police around but a guy walked up to her and groped her. She punched and kicked him to the point where people had to intervene to stop her.

In her Facebook post that has gone viral on social media, she narrated the whole incident.

 “On this f** new year some random guy tried to grope me while I was returning home from work and with so much ease he did as if he thought I’ll not utter a word because I’m a f** scared woman and he has a reason because he’s drunk and let him escape,” she wrote.

Shockingly, the cops didn’t do anything. “I usually work late hours, and when I leave from work, I rarely find cops on the road. They are rude and they misbehave. They don’t pay attention when an outsider go and complain,” she told The Huffington Post.

She has set an example with this act of bravado. In an age where the women are harassed and abused on a daily basis in the country, this incident serves as an example of how women and bystanders should raise their voice.

Chaitali Wasnik is a hero!

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H/t & Featured Image Source: Indian Express

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