KRK Sarcastically Trolled PM Modi On Twitter, But This Time People Supported KRK Instead Of Bashing Him!

AIR Staff

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK has become a brand ambassador for offensive comments and irritating twitter posts against the celebrities such as Bollywood actors and Cricketers. His tweets ignite fights, become headlines and drag him into trouble but KRK never understands.


Not only Bollywood celebrities he even targets Politicians. Well, this time KRK targets none other than PM Narendra Modi but surprisingly, a large section of people supported him on this move.

Yes, you heard it right!

As we all know PM Modi is often criticized by people for not being able to control terrorism the way he promised to the country. Today when Pakistani soldiers Killed two Indian Army Jawans on LOC and mutilated their bodies, KRK trolled him.

Yes, KRK shared PM Modi’s couple of 3-year-old tweets and quoted it with a message which very much looked like a Sarcastic dig.

Here are Narendra Modi’s tweets:

Taking a sarcastic dig at these old tweets of PM Modi, KRK classicly trolled Modi for his promises and rule.

Yes, after praising Narendra Modi for demonetization move earlier, he completely takes a u-turn and mocked PM Modi now.

KRK in a series of tweets took a slight dig at PM Modi. Here is what he tweeted:

He further continued taking sarcastic digs at the government:

We all know KRK has a knack of trolling everyone on Twitter and then being trolled badly for the same. But this time people actually supported him and replied agreeing with his words.

Checkout what people tweeted back:

What do you think about KRK tweets? Do you support him KRK for taking a sarcastic dig at PM Modi or you will bash him? 

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