Mamata Made Fake Allegations On The Indian Army And They Gave A Befitting Reply

Written By : AIR Staff

After Delhi Cm, Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, has earned the reputation of a Modi-haters. She is utilizing every chance to oppose every decision taken by PM Modi and his government. She joined hands with Kejriwal and held a rally against demonetization.

After demonetization, she has become even more aggressive. Mamata Banerjee accused the central government of “deploying the army” along two highway toll plazas while keeping the state government “in the dark”. However her statement and series of tweets about the Indian Army doesn’t suit a person who holds such a high position; in fact, this may compel even her strongest supporters to disagree with her.

Mamta Banerjee Controversial Statements on Indian Army:

She has made a series of tweets claiming that the Army is showing undemocratic conduct while she is protecting democracy. She iterated that a civil operation cannot be launched by the army without informing the state and claimed it was the result of a “political vendetta”. Here are the series of tweets Mamta posted.

In fact, she has been quoted saying, “This is a military coup”.

“Army has been deployed in the state without informing the state government. This is a very sensitive issue. This is unacceptable. We do not know anything about it. It has never happened,” Banerjee told the media.

However, army personnel was checking the vehicles at the toll plaza in West Bengal and other states as a routine exercise.T he Army also said that the same exercises are conducted in other states as well, under the commands which are responsible for it. Letters were released by the Indian Army which proved that the allegations made by West Bengal CM, are completely baseless.

Here Is The Letter:

The proof in the form of letters which made it clear that the police of Kolkata and District Magistrate About The Exercise:

The Eastern Command also took to Twitter to clear the situation:

This is not the first time when Mamata Banerjee has put serious allegations against the Indian Army; earlier also she has accused the Border Security Force for Kaliachak riots, in which a police station and some vehicles were burnt by a crowd of Islamic radicals.

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