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Pelli Choopu fame Vijay Devarakonda has surprised the audience with his new look with his movie “Arjun Reddy”. With many controversies and sensations, the film has finally released today worldwide. Arjun Reddy trailer and teaser which has released recently created hype for the movie in both Telugu speaking states. Arjun Reddy is a Romantic action drama where Shalini Pandey played the female lead role.

Arjun Reddy Review Rating Live Updates Public Response - Arjun Reddy Movie Review

Arjun Reddy is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and tejpaul as Asst. Director and produced by Pranay Reddy Vanga for Bhadrakali Pictures. The soundtrack is composed by Radhan. Kanchana, Sanjay Swaroop
Kamal Kamaraju, Gopinath Bhat, Jia Sharma, Amit Sharma, Priyadarshi, Bhuvan, Aditi myakal played supporting roles. Here is the Arjun Reddy movie complete review, rating, story line.

Arjun Reddy Movie Cast & Crew:


  • Vijay Deverakonda as Arjun Reddy
  • Shalini Pandey as Preeti
  • Kanchana
  • Sanjay Swaroop
  • Kamal Kamaraju
  • Gopinath Bhat
  • Jia Sharma
  • Amit Sharma
  • Priyadarshi
  • Bhuvan
  • Aditi myakal


Director: Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Producer: Pranay Reddy Vanga

Written by: Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Music: Radhan

Cinematography: Raju Thota

Edited by: Shashank

Production company: Bhadrakali Pictures

Release date: 25th August 2017

Running time: 181 minutes

Country: India

Arjun Reddy Movie Storyline:


A Thousand adjectives are not enough to describe a Rebel, same as one hundred thousand adjectives, or any varying degree of linguistics, non-linguistics like sobs, the cry of despair, gloominess are simply just not enough to illustrate the pain of the departed soul-mates. No structured markings, no motion paintings and no guide. Either you find your way to unite or just die. ‘I love you’ is a greeting card company invention; if you are really in love never say it. Show it.

Arjun Reddy Story:

The film is based on some incidents which happened in a medical college. It’s an emotional love story set against the backdrop of a medical college.

The film is a story of Arjun Reddy (Vijay Devarakonda), a medical student who has been on the notice boards for a long time with his violent adventures in his college. He is into fights with his college mates and others. His friends will be standing supportively to him in whatever happens to him. Suddenly, he falls in love with Preethi (Shalini Pandey) and what happens to him to save her from others in the society and the drastic changes in his life is the rest of the story.

arjun reddy rating

Arjun Reddy Movie Review:

Arjun Reddy is not a simple story to portray, The characters and performances connect to our soul with much emotions involved. The hype, controversies pushed the barriers of the movie to a next level and Vijay Devarakonda CONFIDENCE raised the expectations to the sky! And Arjun Reddy proves expectations to be right and you feel the same after watching the movie! The First half of the movie is clean, engaging and slowly takes its time to be on track. Flashback scene starts and that’s where we live and connect to the life of character ARJUN REDDY. Arjun Reddy’s friend Shiva got the best dialogues in the movie and the performance of that role is an asset to the film as a whole. The second half of the movie is the minus point and the story gets stagnated to only few scenes which test the patience of the audience. The prolongation of the post-love track feels endless and the scenes get repeated. The pre-climax involving the grandmother’s death also feel rushed along with the subsequent family bonding. It is as if the director has run out of stuff and gets back to his familiar comforts just like the character of Arjun Reddy. The twist at the climax was predictable and too skewed towards the hero’s character. The climax turns out to be a fantasy after so much but again feels slightly compromised. Overall, Director Sandeep came up with a brilliant script with a BOLD narration like never before!

Arjun Reddy Cast Performances:

Vijay Devarakonda lived in the role of Arjun Reddy and you’ll love his clinical performance. His accent, attire and body-language make you fall for Arjun Reddy right from the first frame. He maintains an attitude throughout the film which is unmissable. The anger and emotions are blended in the best way to deliver a performance that is remarkable.

Shalini Pandey’s screen presence is simple, clean and her performance was out-shadowed by Arjun Reddy during the first half. She then climed the steps with a lot of turns in the movie which makes her role justified.

Other Characters performed well and put in their best for the movie and it turned out to be an asset. As mentioned, the role of Arjun Reddy’s friend Shiva got huge response for his heart-touching and grippy dialogues.

Radhan, one of the most underrated music directors of Tollywood gave his best. BGM by Harshavardhan is one such notable point in the movie which adds life to the scenes even when the screenplay is very slow. Some scenes got the best elevation and Radhan, Harshavardhan are the two who deserves applause for this work.

Sandeep Vanga, the director of Arjun Reddy is the unseen hero of the movie. He came, gathered the best cast, exectued to the best way possible but couldn’t finish the line smoothly. Narrative screenplay is where he scored maximum points as the routine story was overshadowed.


  • Vijay Devarakonda Performance
  • Clenching Screenplay
  • BGM & Dialogues
  • First Half


  • Boring Second Half
  • Cinematography
  • Lengthy Run-time

All India Roundup Cast Rating:

Vijay Devarakonda [Arjun Reddy] – 4.5/5

Shalini Pandey [Preethi] – 3/5

Other Lead Roles [Combined] – 4/5

Radhan [Music Director] – 3.75/5

Sandeep Vanga [Director] – 3.25/5

Raju Thota [Cinematography] – 3/5

Allindiaroundup Rating: 3.75/5

Final Verdict:

Arjun Reddy is not just a normal story, it’s the story where every person in the audience lives and connects! Must watch love story for this long-weekend.

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