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Samyuktha-2 Kannada movie starring Prabhu Suryah in the lead role released today i.e; 10th October 2017. Samyuktha-2 trailer which has released recently created hype for the movie. The first part of the movie is based on a novel of the same name by Kakolu Saroja Rao.

samyutktha 2 review

Samyuktha-2 is a horror suspense thriller directed by Abhiram with Manjunath D. S. as producer. The music is composed by K.V.Ravichandra.

Samyuktha-2 Cast & Crew:


Chetan Chandra
Neha Patil
Aishwarya Shindogi
Tabla Nani
Sanjay K
Sparsha Rekha


Director: Abhiraam

Producer: Sanjay K

Production House: Siri productions

Music: V Harikrishna

Screenplay: Abhiraam

Story/Writer: Abhiraam

Samyuktha-2 Story:

The story of the film revolves around four college students who are pursuing medical stream. The students are researching on four different liquids and want to unravel their immense power. They keep on researching on the liquids without letting anyone know as telling anyone about it can result in legal actions against them.

After repetitive failures, the boys gave up and put an end to this madness of theirs. After closing the project, the lead character of the film that is played by Chetan Chandra, meets with the character played by Neha Patil. They both loses their heart to each other and are madly possessive about each other. Some days later, one of the boys gets a breakthrough in their project. He creates a liquid so destructive that even a small amount is enough to create a huge impact in the city.

The principal of the college gets to know about this secret project of the students. He also learns that one of the students have succeeded in making a mass destructive weapon. The movie progresses on the same pitch showcasing the rest of the story. (Source)

samyukta 2 review

Samyuktha-2 Story Review & Rating:

The performance of all the characters is good. The BGM and music is impressive. Chetan Chandra and Aishwarya Shindogi has done their job with good attitude give the positive effect to the film. However, the movie can be done more better.


Lead Character Performance.



Allindaroundup Rating: 3/5

Final Verdict:

The film is packed with suspense and thrill which will keep the audience stuck in their chairs. A must watch movie for this weekend.

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