25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away Before You Go To Bed Tonight!!


You don’t want your relationship to feel stale because you’re stuck doing the same things all of the time. If things start to feel monotonous, and you need some excitement, throw something new into the mix. There are plenty of things you can do to make things more exciting, but kissing is definitely a great way to start.

25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

Kissing is definitely something that is loved by all. It is a romantic signal that you can exchange as partners. However, as much as people love to kiss, the same kisses may start to lose that satisfying, spark inducing, intimate feeling. You never want your partner to be bored while kissing you. So, you should try different types of kisses in order to keep things interesting.

Here are a few different types of kisses that will make your partner swoon:

1. Forehead Kiss

Forehead-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

Who doesn’t love a forehead kiss, they are so sweet, loving, and amazing. They symbolize deep affection, love, and trust. Forehead kiss is soft and full of elegance. Doing this to your partner randomly while you’re alone or out together will make them smile and feel so loved and cared for.

2. Belly Button Kiss

Start to take your partner’s breath away by using this. Pull up your partner’s shirt and gently kiss them on their navel. You can even lick it and use your tongue to explore their belly button and the surrounding areas. Gently tickle and kiss your partner’s navel, and you’ll be sure to make them squirm with that. This kiss has an amazingly sweet, romantic, and even sexy vibe to it

3. French Kiss

French-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

A classic, but one that always works. It involves kissing with your tongue. When doing this kiss, take your partner in your arms, hold them close, and kiss them passionately.

Instead of basking in a sweet little-closed lip kiss, you part your lips to let your tongue to touch your partner’s and enjoy the sensation of your tongue moving against theirs. For it to work well, you need to check on his movements and allow yourself room to breathe freely through your nose. As long as both of you are comfortable with the gesture, have fun!

This kiss is the most erotic type of kiss which leads to more seduction and physical intimacy.

4. Butterfly Kiss

This is one of the most romantic kisses that the two of you can do together as it involves a lot of closeness with your loved ones. This isn’t a kiss between lips, but a kiss between your eyelashes. While kissing, the two of you will be so close where your eyelashes will actually touch due to there being no space. The touching of the eyelashes symbolizes butterfly wings which bring out the sensation during the kissing. The fluttering sensation might just match the one in your heart.

It’s not traditionally what you’d call a ‘kiss,’ but it’s still pretty darn adorable.

5. Earlobe Kiss

earlobe-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

Just move close to your partner, hug them and nibble their earlobes, and then even bite a bit. After biting, breathe softly into his ear. The warm air will make him feel you. This kiss is very sexy and romantic, it will thrill them and get them in the mood.

6. Neck Kiss

Hold your partner from behind and kiss them on the neck. If they have long hair, take a moment to slowly and lovingly brush their hair away. Due to the fact that the area around the neck has a lot of senses, it will make your partner tingle with sensations. It is a favorite kiss for women.

7. Spiderman Kiss

Spiderman-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

If you saw Spiderman, this might sound a bit familiar but you don’t have to be a superhero to give this kiss a try. Ask your partner to lie on their back and press your lips to theirs from the opposite direction by kissing their lower lip with your upper lip and vice versa  (i.e. your nose should be level with their chin and vice versa). Sounds weird, but this type of kiss is sure to spice up your mood as each of you get to take that hyper-sensitive bottom lip into your mouths, teasing, nibbling, sucking.

Additionally, this position is much easier to do as one of you lays down, the other comes from behind the person’s head, and then you have your own Spiderman kiss – A very sensuous, connecting kiss.

8. Hand Kiss

Kissing your partners hand is similar to forehead kisses. They both feel great and are very sweet and loving. Take their hand in yours, look deeply into their eyes and plant on one them.

However, if you do a hand kiss in a different manner by not just giving the hand a peck, but instead kissing it while sliding your tongue along it, this kiss then becomes very sexy.

9. Lizard Kiss

Lizard-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

As odd, and even off-putting as this kiss may sound, it really is quite interesting, and many people also really enjoy this type of kiss. Lean in close, open your mouths slightly and touch your tongues together without touching your lips.

10. Sucking Kiss

While kissing with an open mouth, gently suck on your partner’s lower lip. For an extra thrill, pull back to give their lip a slight tug but be careful not to pull too hard.

11. Cheek Kiss

Cheek-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

Just like hand and forehead kisses, cheek kisses are very sweet, loving, reassuring and caring. Aim for light and sweet kiss with a quick peck on your partner’s cheek and it will make your partner feel loved and special.

 12. Lick Kiss

Instead of touching your partner’s lips with your lips, lean in and gently run your tongue over their lips. End with a light Classic Kiss.

13. Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

If you don’t want to get too physical, give each other an Eskimo kiss. It is more like a butterfly kiss which doesn’t require any lip action. An Eskimo kiss is when you and your partner rub your noses together.

14. Non-Kiss Kiss

Lean in close to your date until your mouths are just touching, then rub your lips against one another’s without puckering up.

15. Biting kiss

Biting-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

When you’re about to pull away from a kiss, gently bite your partner’s lip. Just make sure that you don’t get too rough, and end up hurting them. A biting kiss will really stimulate your man because men like it.

16. Candy Kiss

Up the ante on your next French Kiss by passing a piece of candy between your mouths. It is a great kiss that can really stimulate your partner. If this makes inconvenient to your partner, try passing a small piece of ice between your mouths. You’ll be worked up – and melting that ice – in no time.

17. Flavor Kiss

Butterfly-kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

Want to spice up your kisses? Suck on some ice, or chew some gum before you kiss your partner. Your mouth will have a certain flavor once you’re done, creating a nice sensation for the both of you. Then, plant a kiss that will send chills!

18. Nipple kiss

This is something that many woman love, and it is sure to spice up your sex life. Regardless of how if you just kiss, lick, flick your tongue at different speeds, or even bite. This is sure to be a winner, and it is definitely a kiss you should try tonight.

19. Teasing Kiss

TEASING-KISS-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

Kiss your partner a bit, and then pull away. It’ll leave them wanting more, so they’ll go in to kiss you again. When they do this, playfully keep yourself out of their reach.

20. Finger Kiss

Lightly hold your partner’s wrist in your hand then kiss their fingers one by one. Turn up the heat by gently sucking on their fingertips. Doing this to your partner will be sure to sweep them off their feet.

21. Eyelid Kiss

Eyelid-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

While your partner is resting/sleeping with eyes closed, very, very gently kiss the spot right below their browbone. A sweet, tender kiss.

21. Thigh Kiss

Thighs are a very intimate place, and kisses on the inside of upper and lower thighs can do wonders for your sex life.

23. Back kiss

Back-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

Kisses going along your partner’s spine will send shivers and give them goose bumps due to the thrill and amazing sensation you will be giving them.

 24. Foot Kiss

An erotic and romantic gesture. Gently suck the toes and then lightly kiss the foot. To avoid tickling, lightly massage the arch of the foot during the kiss.

25. Tickle Kiss

Tickle-Kiss-25 Types Of Kisses To Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

Start by giving your partner a Classic Kiss but then tickle their ribs, stomach or underarms. See how long you can continue kissing while you’re both laughing.

Every kiss they say is the talk of the soul. However, everyone is different, and all these kisses may not work for you, but some will definitely do the trick, so enjoy!

What’s your favorite way to be kissed?

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