China Becomes World’s First To Send An ‘Unbreakable Code’ From Satellite To Earth

Saicharan Palakurthi

If there’s any field of technology in which China stands behind, then it is ‘space’, however, recent advancements by China regarding the same are in high swing. Fair results are seen from this military giant nation.

This World’s largest county has successfully sent an “unbreakable” code from a satellite to the Earth, marking the first time space-to-ground quantum key distribution technology has been realized. China launched the world’s first quantum satellite last August, to help establish “hack proof” communications, a development the Pentagon has called a “notable advance”.

As soon as the news got published in the magazines, the reviewers called it a ‘milestone’.

Coming to the details of the process, according to the sources, the satellite sent quantum keys to ground stations in the country between 645 km and 1,200 km away at a transmission rate up to 20 orders of magnitude more efficient than an optical fiber.

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Meanwhile, Xinhua cited Pan Jianwei, lead scientist on the experiment from the state-run Chinese Academy of Sciences, as saying. “That, for instance, can meet the demand of making an absolute safe phone call or transmitting a large amount of bank data.”

And, any attempt to eavesdrop on the quantum channel would introduce detectable disturbances to the system, “Once intercepted or measured, the quantum state of the key will change, and the information being intercepted will self-destruct,” added Pan.

Later, the news agency added that the there were “enormous prospects” for applying this new generation of communications in the fields of defense and finance. On the whole, despite many peoples’ beliefs, China insists its space program is for peaceful purposes, but the U.S. Defense Department has highlighted its increasing space capabilities, saying it was pursuing activities aimed at preventing adversaries from using space-based assets during the crisis.

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