Scientists Believe Early-Human Beings Lived In Indonesian Rain-forests 70.000 Years Ago

Saicharan Palakurthi

The origin of human beings is always one of the fascinating subjects for us human beings. It all started with Charles Darwin’s epic “The Origin Of Species” that satisfied the lot many people including experts and geeks.

However, there’s no end to human curiosity nor the science, so are the possibilities of new theories.

A team of researchers announced on Thursday that early humans were living in the rainforests of Indonesia over 70,000 years ago, 20,000 years before what was previously believed.

Researchers from the Australian Centre for Human Evolution (ARCHE) collaborated with an international team on the discovery in the Sumatran rainforest, with the results suggesting that early humans could have migrated to Australia even earlier than expected.

70,000 years old humans in indonesia

Julien Louys, a popular researcher from the ARCHE told a prominent news agency that the aim of the project was to “re-discover and re-analyse” Pleistocene fossil sites. 

Louys added,”Essentially, we knew that modern human remains had been recovered from one of these sites, we wanted to collect samples for dating, as well as looking at what sorts of environments these humans were living in.” 

The source then added that the remains of the early humans that were found were also located amongst other Sumatran rainforest mammals -which mean it was likely that they were living in the similarly challenging rainforest environment for those of limited technological capability.

Lousys then said,”Living in rainforests is difficult without sophisticated technology, as protein is hard to come by – rainforests typically have cryptic or canopy-loving animals that can be hard to catch – and carbohydrates are not common. The humans survived in these environments indicates that they were behaviourally modern, and had the necessary technologies to gather these resources.” 

On the matters of survival, Louys added that these early humans would have to have developed methods that were sophisticated for humans at that time, with adaptation to the unforgiving environment being key thing.

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