Solar Eclipse 2017: Internet Did Its Best On The Event, Check Out The Funniest Tweets

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Solar Eclipse has definitely made people go crazy. With millions of people gazing at the about to be swallowed ‘Sun’, traffic jams were seen in various parts of America.

It was literally an amazing day for the scientists as it is during the eclipse when they can interpret various factors regarding the planet and the stars. And last time, such event took place in the USA was back in 1918, which is many decades before the emergence of the Internet.

And it made the occurrence of a total eclipse during the social media age was ripe for Internet humor, and users delivered enough for the day:

Check out the funniest tweets:

solar eclipse jokes in USA

Now, that looks cool:

solar eclipse jokes on net

Blocked LOL!

Have a glance, Oh! be careful:


The unpleasant guests:

And here’s the boss:

eclipse jokes on the internet

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