New Wave Of Magnetic Storms Predicted By Scientists, A Call For Planetary Shield

Saicharan Palakurthi

There is always an existence of magnetic storm in between Earth and Sun, it even exists in between Earth and every other subject in our solar system, such is the way it works. Meanwhile, this time it is different. Specifically, on the coming 13th and 14th of this October, a special magnetic storm is expected.

magnetic storm new waves

Talking about this, researchers said, “In the coming days the Earth will reach a new portion of the solar wind, which will cause another magnetic storm.”

Details from the experts state that a giant portion of the solar wind will provoke a storm, which may adversely affect the operation of many systems and various electronic devices on the planet and around them (satellites and others).

planetary shield to protect from magnetic storm

A probability of technological disasters and accidents is also expected on those days. This effect can be felt by everyone, some might be bothered by headaches and insomnia, as well as problems with blood pressure and heartbeat might also occur.

But, to much surprise, with respect to the hormonal differences, it is believed that women will be suffered more than men. Among males, the most weather-sensitive among the hypertensive and suffering from endocrine diseases. On a brief note, doctors recommend to refrain from strenuous exercise and to spend it quietly at home.

Not only on 13th and 14th, the after and pre-days will be affected with this. The influence of a powerful magnetic storm may also be felt on 11, 12 and 15 also. A series of magnetic storms on Earth began from September 6, when our planet reached the first emission of solar plasma, which followed a wave of powerful solar flares all the way.

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