Mystery Resolved, Scientists Now Declared That Sun Is Just Like Any Other Stars

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

With the series of theories from the very inception, it is always believed that Sun is totally an unusual star when compared to others. This existing theory on magnetic cycles has said so.

But, contrary to the older ones, the recent study conducted by the NASA has disclosed some interesting things, the study reveals that our Sun is much like other stars, and not an anomaly because of its magnetic poles that flip every 11 years.

The official report in journal Science aims to lay to rest the controversy over whether our solar system’s star is cyclic, like other nearby, solar-type stars we know of.

Antoine Strugarek, an author and a researcher at the University of Montreal said, “We have shed light on a fundamental mechanism which determines the length of these cycles, which helps us understand the cycle itself over the long-term.”

He then added: “We can, therefore, say of the Sun’s next magnetic cycle in 10 or 20 years will be intense, long or short, which helps us understand among other things what kind of satellites to put in orbit and the most favorable launch windows.”

On the whole, it is concluded that the activity on the Sun, from the number of sunspots to levels of radiation and ejection of material, varies on an 11-year cycle, and these changes are driven by the magnetic field of Sun.

Post the series of simulations of stellar magnetic fields, the observations have shown that the Sun’s magnetic cycle depends on its rotation rate and luminosity. In a bid to attain the precise results, the scientists compared their simulations with observations of cyclic activity in nearby solar-type stars and found that indeed, the cycle periods of the Sun and other solar-type stars all follow the same relationship, respectively.

Allan Sacha Brun, the Head of the Laboratory Dynamics of Stars and their Environment and principal investigator of the European Research Council project called STARS2 has said, “This research shows that the 11-year cycle is the principal cycle of all solar-type stars.”

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