A Netizen Asked Virender Sehwag About Life After-Cricket & ‘If He Wants To Return To Pitch?’ This Is His Reply!

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

India’s one of the finest opening batsman Virender Sehwag, now, a veteran is running his career successfully, and that counts on Twitter. He literally took on to his second innings on Twitter. Since the beginning, Sehwag has been spreading some unbeatable humor across the social media. His wit and humor is something that everyone loves.

sehwag twitter interaction

It all started off with his innumerable counters on the popular English Journalist Piers Morgan, he later trolled the legendary captain Sourav Ganguly on his birthday in a hilarious way, comparing him to a Panda. The streak continued, and Sehwag’s tweets are been on news since then.

As it is already known that Virender Sehwag from a year or two is already the harbinger of humor on Twitter, we can’t ignore his wittiest replies to Sachin Tendulkar’s Ulta-tweet on the occasion of former’s birthday.

Sachin-Tendulkar and virender sehwag

Well, not bound to this, Sehwag even comes out of his official tweets sometimes, participates in interactive sessions with his followers. He, most of the times manages to respond to as many people as possible. Veeru did the same on October 20, and many of his followers showed up with series of questions in tweets with a hashtag #ViruDiwa.

One of the netizens went asking, “@virendersehwag how did u feel after leaving international cricket? Don’t you get the feeling of returning back to the pitch again?#ViruDiwas HBD to you I am a big fan of you.”

Check out the tweet here:

To this question, Veeru replied, “Enjoying retirement from cricket to the fullest”.

There are multiple other questions which surfaced the hashtag page, read out some of the best tweets below:

And if you’ve wondered about how Sehwag possesses such a positive mind all the way just like this question from a netizen, “What’s the secret of your positivity!”

Here is the answer:

Well, that’s Sehwag for everyone!

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