Why India Lost The 2nd T20I To Australia? Bhuvaneshwar Kumar Reveals Virat Kohli’s Plan That Didn’t Go Well

Saicharan Palakurthi

It all started with Bleed Blue as the match favorite. As it was the fresh pitch to the Australians and also for the Indians, the report said to be the non-bouncy throughout the match. However, Australian captain David Warner won the toss and after a few plans went wrong, he elected to bowl first. His anticipation putting the hosts to batting has worked out completely well. The one-match old bowler Jason Behrendorff had ripped the Indian top order by taking back-to-back wickets of the world class batsmen.


Though Rohit hit Behrendorff for two boundaries his dismissal left Indian team in chaos. Next to that, another lovely inswinger from Behrendorff. Full and pitching in line, just moving back in, this is the straightest delivery Behrendorff has bowled thus far and it hits the pad right in front of middle.

It was Behrendorff’s show all the day, who was in full swing bowling his second over. Manish Pandey has his own way of not covering the line of the ball. And that technique has led to his dismissal. The batsman played for swing, the ball just held its line and he nicked off. Brilliant start from Behrendorff, he’s got three already.

india vs australia 2nd t20

Post the contemporary struggle, Team India lost the match to Aussies. Post the match, Bhuvaneshwar made some exemplary comments about the innings. “He (Behrendorff) bowled really well. He made full use of the wicket. It was the perfect kind of wicket for the line and length he bowled, You need to be a bit fortunate to get three or four wickets in the T20s. Rohit’s (Sharma) wicket and (Virat) Kohli’s wicket were the crucial point for us, in the first over itself,” he said.

Added that pace aided by swing did make a lot of difference for Behrendorff, opined Bhuvneshwar. “That’s his natural thing. He swings the ball, he got pace. Best thing is whatever the line and length needed for this wicket. As I said, you have to be fortunate to get three-or-four wickets in T20Is. He was fortunate to have got those wickets”, said the pacer from Uttar Pradesh.

bhuvaneshwar about virat kohli t20 plan

Talking about the form of the pitch, he said, “It was a tough wicket for batting. Rain was around, it was a damp wicket. So you know, Australian bowlers made the most of the wicket, I think we tried to rebuild it. But we couldn’t do it. We can’t really put a finger on someone and say it was their fault. So it was just an off day for us.”

Next, to that, he opened up about the plan Kohli built in his mind, he said, “There is something part of a strategy… what the captain is thinking, what he wants to do. He made us bowl three overs each in the Powerplay and we took a wicket each.”

“It is up to him if he wanted us to bowl, we could have completed our quota. But that was his (Virat Kohli’s) thinking. We can’t really say we could have bowled the way we began,” he concluded.

Aftermath, it is captain’s call that cornered the innings, as per Bhuvi, he along with Bumrah bowled three overs each without completing their turns in whole.

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