[WATCH VIDEO]: English Batsman Does The Impossible, Bags 7 Runs In 1 Ball

Saicharan Palakurthi

England’s much awaited NatWest series is in high swing, an interesting incident took place during the match between ardent favorites’ Somerset and Kent Spitfires.

Any batsman can manage a maximum of 6 runs in one ball, but Somerset’s Steve Davis altered the facts, his score triggered to 21 from 14 in a single ball, which means that he garnered 7 runs in one ball.

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Post this historical feat, Steve Davies played a fine inning bagging a whole 62 runs off just 32 balls, played a keen role in bringing the Somerset’s score to staggering 197 runs at the loss of 6 wickets.

This 7 runs deed is purely a misspell of the wicket-keeper. After Davies delivered the ball, he along with his partner bagged 3 runs quickly, now, the overthrow attempted by the Kent wicket-keeper to clinch a run-out resulted in this, as the ball traveled all the way to the boundary, seven runs are added to Somerset.

Watch the video here:


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