Mohammad Kaif Once Again Faces Netizens’ Wrath For Welcoming SCs’ Decision On ‘Triple Talaq’

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Religious intolerance has become a burning menace in the current day scenario. Starting from actress Fatima Sana Sheikh, Gauri Khan’s posts on Instagram, Mohammad Kaif to Indian bowler Mohammad Shami, no one was spared in being the scapegoats of religious biasedness.

It is so sad, that such a simple deeds by the celebrities are sensationalized roping in outrage from extreme conservatives. It is not too long that Kaif has been threatened for following Hindus’ ritual of practicing the traditional ‘Suryanamaskar’ and ‘playing chess’ with his dear son.

Now, after some time, this former ace Indian fielder is once again criticized for supporting the Supreme Court’s verdict on Triple Talaq.

However, this is considered as a great victory for Indian Muslim women. For some time, Triple talaq has become the sensational subject in India, many prominent sportspersons and other celebrities gave their voices to the verdict, but it is Kaif who was criticized for his statements, as the player belongs to Islam.

His tweet read: “Welcome decision by Supreme Court to declare #TripleTalaq unconstitutional. Will give Muslim women security. Gender justice is much needed.”

His fine gesture was not so fine in according to few netizens, this tweet from him didn’t go well with many. Infuriated netizens targetted the player, ended up making some distasteful tweets.

Read Quran uh?

mohammad kaif on triple talaq

Must Know This! 

kaif trolled

Fatwa on the way?

kaif fatwa

Did he really?

kaif trolled 1

Cricket isn’t the same, says!

kaif trolled on twitter

mohammad kaif

And it turned complicated!

mohammad kaif triple talaq

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