Mohammed Shami Once Again Faces ‘Haram’ Backlash For Posting A Family Picture On Twitter

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Religious intolerance has become a burning menace in the current day scenario. Starting from actress Fatima Sana Sheikh, Gauri Khan’s posts on Instagram, Mohammed Shami’s Twitter post on his daughter and Mohammad Kaif’s deed on sharing the pictures of ‘Suryanamaskar’, nothing is quite natural.

It is so sad, that such a simple deeds by the celebrities are sensationalized roping in outrage from extreme conservatives. It is not too long that Kaif has been threatened for following Hindus’ ritual of practicing the traditional ‘Suryanamaskar’ and Shami has been attacked outside.

Shami has once again shared a picture of him along with his daughter and wife, he captioned, “Good Morning everyone! Travel time to India good luck team India upcoming series.”

People on Twitter brutally bashed the player as his wife isn’t wearing the burqa, many got offended, commented that she is disrespecting the religion. Netizens went passing some extreme comments adding that a fatwa might be issued against him.

In this era of modernity and advancement, such a backlash for the mere burqa is quite unfortunate and thoughtful.

Check out the Twitter reactions here:

twitter reactions to mohammed shami

cricketer mohammed shami trolled bowler shami trolled on twitter mohammed shami shami twitter

However, there are people who supported Shami, came to his rescue despite the heavy backlash his pictures have been facing. They expressed their thankfulness for being one of the finest bowlers in the Indian team.

It is undeniable that his daughter is quite cute and center of attraction in the picture, all we need is this kind of positivity that would spread smiles all the way.

She is of course cute,

Beautiful family,

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Shami has played a crucial role in recent India Vs Sri Lankan series, he bagged 10 wickets assisting Indian team in achieving a rare 3-0 feat. Post the match, he was seen saying, “It’s very good to win such a rare series. We will look to continuing the momentum and perform well. It’s a team effort and we work as a unit. We are like a family and enjoy each other’s success.”

As of now, Shami will be out of the team during the following ODI series, BCCI granted him rest as the schedule was hectic enough from the past year.

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