MS Dhoni Doesn’t Want Anyone To Try His Helicopter Shot, Explains The Reason Behind It

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, former Team India’s captain, well known for his beyond words contribution to the Bleed Blue team is on news from a considerably long time, and this time, it is because of fo his fading cricketing form. We are unable to acknowledge to acknowledge those massive shots from Dhoni these days and it has become the topic of discussion all the way.

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Starting from Ajit Agarkar, every veteran cricketer has come forward voicing their opinions o Dhoni’s existence in the national team. Post the plethora of counter-arguments, the former captain has come forward stating that playing for the Indian team itself is a blessing to him. He said this during the opening ceremony of the Cricket Academy in Dubai, so far, this is the first cricket academy set up by Dhoni.

In the event, many kids and aspiring cricketers were also there, and Dhoni addressed the whole folks on how his journey has started and how it is going on now. When asked about the Helicopter shot, Dhoni studly went urging his juniors not to try it. He even notioned that it is better to have one’s own style, rather than trying this shot.

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Dhoni mentioned that Helicopter shot might be difficult to be played sometimes, there are even chances of getting injured while doing it. Walking past at the time, he recalled his early cricketing days when he used to practice cricket on roads with the tennis ball.

In his words, “(It is) something I learned while playing tennis ball cricket on the roads of India. It is difficult. In tennis ball cricket even it’s hit from the toe of the bat the ball still travels a lot but in normal cricket, it has to be the middle part of the bat, so it requires a lot of work. I don’t want them to play helicopter shots because they could get injured.”

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As people went asking on about Dhoni’s answer to the criticism laid by senior bowler Ajit Agarkar, he said, “Everybody has views in life and it should be respected”. So, that is MS Dhoni’s answer, a humble, and sensible one.

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