[WATCH VIDEO] A Pakistani Fan Makes Fun Of Team India, Mohammed Shami Can’t Control, See How He Reacted

Vamshi Krishna

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 tournament has finally come to an end with Pakistan winning the title for the first time by defeating arch rivals team India in the final at the Oval on Sunday. Considering the previous ICC events records, India was termed as Pakistan’s ‘Baap’ owing to their better history against Pakistan.

To celebrate your victory with style and accept defeats with grace is what the gentlemen are known for. But, the Champions Trophy final match defeat though got the Pakistani fans over the moon. When Pakistan beat India in the final, they had all the reasons in the world to celebrate and they were rejoicing the biggest moment of their cricketing careers on the field thus far.

India vs Pakistan

After the match, the boys shook hands with the opposition with elegance, made sure they were just warmth and no arrogance. Team India lost the finals but the boys weren’t sore, they were proud of their performance and thus accepted the defeat.

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But the fans on Pakistan side are over the top in their victory celebrations and also furious in the case of a defeat to India. Soon after the presentation ceremony, team India walked back to the dressing room, without any cheers. But they wouldn’t have expected that after a rather disappointing performance in the final.

But, one of the Pakistan fans managed to get under the skin of Indian speedster Mohammad Shami. As Virender Sehwag and others were confident of their team’s win even before the match and were already tweeting about it being Father’s day and that Pakistan being the son will give their father a gift.

As the result turned out the other way, a fan having faced all the trolls and read such comments shouted “Baap Kaun hai? meaning who’s the father now?” every time an Indian player passed by. Pacer Mohammed Shami who had a little hand to play in Team India’s CT 2017 campaign couldn’t certainly take it.

Shami turned back took a couple of steps towards him and asked him ‘what..’. We can see MS Dhoni right behind Shami taking back him into the dressing room to stop the heated interaction.

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Fans should remember one thing that cricketers give their best on the field and the memes and trolls that run through on social media have nothing to do with them. So, next time you interact with any player, make sure you appreciate their effort and not make things worse for them.

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