Shoaib Aktar Finally Reveals The Reason Behind ‘Running With Open Hands After Taking Wicket’

Saicharan Palakurthi

Pakistani bowler Shoaib Akhtar has seriously raised the bars for any aspiring bowler in terms of speed and acquiring wickets with an astounding mannerism.

This veteran bowler has given some greatest memories to the cricket lovers, especially 1990 borns, with exceptionally great bowling techniques and popular title of being called aggressive, Akhtar has garnered fans across the world. There are so many personal things about which we, followers are undoubtedly crazy about.

It is pretty well known that the personal interests and beliefs of any player often gets belittled when they stand in front of their stats, now, coming to the context of Akhtar’s bowling style, for which he is pretty much admired by the whole cricket fraternity.

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Well, the above picture depicting the post wicket gait of Akhtar simply takes us back to the decade, there’s a fine reason behind him doing that, the player himself revealed it in his tweet.

Akhtar, well known for his ferocious approach was once a nightmare to the batsmen, there was merely few batsman like Sehwag and Sachin who fought well on the pitch, it is definitely a tough task for everyone to withhold this “Rawalpindi Express”.

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He captioned the picture, “And this F-16 was better than All. Celebration after talking wicket bcoz I wanted to be a fighter pilot more I have endless love for jets.”

And it is peoples’ turn to react, they went showering Akhtar with complements renewing the good-old days.

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