Sania Mirza Was Caught Lying In A Promotional Tweet, Twitterati Embarrassed And Forced Her To Delete The Tweet

Vamshi Krishna

She is swift, aggressive, and passionate on the court, but it seems that she isn’t off the court. We are talking about the India tennis star Sania Mirza. Her recent tweet which has woken up the Twitteratti, but looks like lying is not her cup of tea.

Sania Mirza

Stars and celebrities often charge for promotional content as a part of influence marketing. The idea is to be subtle with what you say. Sadly, this time, Sania forgot to take care of a few technicalities and fell prey to trolling.

We all know Sania has always made India proud by representing the country in International tennis and winning most of them. But, Sania Mirza found herself in an embarrassing situation on Wednesday when the Hyderabadi star praised mobile brand OnePlus 3T.

sania tweet

A user has caught Sania lying and he has posted a valid proof of the same.

Sania was praising the OnePlus 3T mobile and she tweeted her praises on Twitter. The mistake Sania did was she tweeted that she was using the same phone. But her tweet shows that she had posted the tweet with an iPhone.

As soon as the user caught the flaw and posted the proof, Sania eventually deleted her tweet immediately. The Twitter user posted a screenshot in which he highlighted “Via Twitter for iPhone”.

However, Twitterati criticized her after the tweet which revealed that she uses an iPhone. Though Sania deleted the tweet, it was too late as the original one went viral.

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