Sehwag Responds To Sachin’s Ulta-Message On Twitter And The Reply Is Equally Smart

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Those were the days when Sachin Tendulkar & Virender Sehwag gave us some stunning awe-moments in the cricketing world. The way they aced against any tough bowlers, together amassing hundreds of runs for team India. Nothing was impossible with their grace alarming the rivals temples.

sachin and sehwag best pics

Now that the days are gone, it is the formal appearances of the players and the rare events in which we can see them in thick blazers being the showstoppers all the way. But that was not it. Thanks to the social media, we are now literally able to have a sneak peek at our favorite players at any point of time.

As it is already known that Virender Sehwag from a year or two is already the harbinger of humor on Twitter, now with the latest tweet from Sachin wishing Sehwag as the latter turned 39, is going viral. Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, Veeru’s dear friend has garnered enough attention on Facebook by pouring in heartful wishes along with an Ulta-caption, the latter is the best part.

Sachin and sehwag funny

It was Sehwag all the time, who bags the limelight with his twisting tweets, comments, and funnier than ever posts. But, now Sachin with his classy post has shown Sehwag a taste of his own medicine.

Check out Sachin’s Facebook post here:

The caption somewhat looked like this,

sachin ulta message on sehwag birthday

And, when further rotated, it looked like this:

sachin ulta message on sehwag birthday 2

Which is, “Happy Birthday Viru! Have a great start to the new year, you’ve always done Ulta of what I have told you on the field, so here’s one from me.”

Also on Twitter,

Well, this is what a classy yet adorable way to wish someone who is pretty close to heart. After all, Sachin won the Internet with this. While the post has attracted the attention of thousands, Sehwag acknowledged this and has come up with a surprising reply on Twitter.

Sehwag wrote, “Thank you God ji 🙏🏼Uparwala sab dekh raha hai, yeh to suna tha, par aaj samajh aaya, woh neeche waalon ke liye likhta kaise hai !”

After all, Sehwag is nothing less than anyone in terms of humor and such a conversation among these esteemed players will tickle the nerves of nostalgia to the 1990 borns.

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