Virat Kohli Gives Befitting Reply To Rahul Dravid’s Criticism On His Aggressiveness

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Rahul Dravid, the household name for the decent cricketing style is simply irreplaceable, for his differentiating style in any format of cricket, Dravid earned millions of fans across the world. His attitude towards the teammates, juniors or anyone is always the most esteemed on the cricket fraternity.

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Now, after a while, for the first time ever, this former India captain and current coach of India A and India U-19, has opened up on the aggression current Indian skipper Virat Kohli gets on the table and the right time when wicketkeeper-batsman MS Dhoni should bid adieu to his international cricket career.

This happened at the Bangalore Literature Festival on Sunday, Dravid surprisingly said that he cringes on reading skipper Kohli’s statements before a series, said, “Virat sometimes comes across as outrageous and I cringe on reading his statements before a series. But if he can bring the best out of himself by needling the opposition, so be it. People ask me why I didn’t behave like Virat when I played for India. I would have been inauthentic to myself had I gotten tattoos and behaved like Virat.”

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Dravid deliberately stated that matches can be won by those who won’t sport a tattoo on their sleeves. When asked about Dhoni’s retirement, he gave a humorous yet clever answer, added, “People might have different opinions on when Dhoni should retire. But, if the selectors have selected him, he can play for India as long as he wants.”

Now, days after these things said by Dravid, the Indian skipper has come forward talking about the ongoing fuss around his attire and everything. He spoke at length on his fitness and being “aggressive on the ground” nature, said, “I want every ball to be an event that we win as a team. So, I give my 120 percent for that. I am naturally like that so I need to work hard. My game will be nothing if I am not intense enough on the field and that is one of the main reasons why I keep working hard on my fitness but now, it has become more of a second nature and my lifestyle.”


The 29-Year-Old ace hitter added, “I would rather miss a practice session but not my training session. That’s how important it has become for me.”

Next, to that, he opened up about the criticism on his personal lifestyle, he shut down the critics saying, “So, to me, what people say or write about me does not matter at all, not even one percent. In fact, it has never mattered to me because I have seen that whatever is said or written about you is very unproductive. You perform [badly] a couple of times and those things (good things) go out of the window in no time but they also come back in no time, so it shouldn’t matter to any individual; it certainly doesn’t matter to me.”

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