This Man Aged Near 100 Is Completely Healthy And Fit, Mud Is His Means Of Survival

People strive for hours to maintain a good health and hygiene. Some do extensive workouts for hours, while, others keep a count of calories, despite all these efforts, many end up falling prey to some unexpected diseases and poof! life takes a turn. With the increasing pollution and other pessimistic factors, what we can expect as a lifespan is 60-75 years. But, things are going definitely fine with this Indian who is practicing a different diet.

man eating mud 100 years

Coming to the food, it is quite normal for people to have a craving for specific foods and different people across the world have different preferences. But stories about bizarre and much more severe fixations have been reported in the past few years that can come across as shocking.

In a similar shocking account, a man from Jharkhand is claiming that he needs to feed on mud for survival. The 100-year-old man started eating mud as a child and it soon developed into a daily activity for him. This man named Karu Paswan said that it was poverty that drove him to start consuming mud when he was 11-years-old.

man eating mud and bricks

Concerned about his food habits, his family members did try to stop him, but Karu didn’t listen to anyone as eating mud became an addiction. But no matter how revolting and weird his food habits may seem, Karu is still healthy at the age of 100. His habit may be a result of pica syndrome which causes people to gorge on different inedible things like hair and chalk.

It has been almost a decade since Karu has been topping the news charts with his absurd food habits.

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