6-Year-Old Indian Boy Rescued From 200-Feet Deep Borewell

Nashik, Maharashtra: A 6-year-old boy fell into a 200-feet deep open borewell when he was playing and was successfully rescued by the authorities in just 3 hours.

The incident reportedly happened on November 14, 2019.

6-year-old Ritesh Jawansingh Solanki fell into an open borewell while he was playing at the Bej Village in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Authorities were called into the Bej Village, which falls under the Kalwan Tehsil, and a rescue operation was launched immediately.

A rope was dropped inside the 200-feet borewell.

The boy was reportedly stuck at the depth of 50 feet and he was conscious when the operation was being carried out.

The boy was brought out safe and sound but was brought to the Kalwan sub-district hospital for a medical checkup.

The parents of the boy work as farmers, their identities were not shared with the public.

The condition of the boy is currently stable.

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