Indian Man Dresses Up As Santa Claus To Distribute Face Masks And Hand Sanitizers

Mumbai, India: A man was caught on cam dressed up as Santa Claus did something no one was thinking to do.

The man, who has been identified as Ashok Kurmi, reportedly distributed face masks and hand sanitizers to people that were commuting.

Kurmi was seen wearing a Santa Claus costume while they were distributing face masks in the Sion suburb city of Mumbai.

They also gave out hand sanitizers to people amidst this coronavirus pandemic.

Kurmi is the president of the Sion Friend Circle.

The group does its part to help people during rough times like these.

During an interview with ANI, a local news agency, Kurmi said that he used to distribute toys, chocolates, and other gifts to kids that belong to low-income families.

He added:

I used to celebrate Christmas every year by distributing toys, chocolates, and gifts to underprivileged kids but this year due to the massive spread of COVID-19, I decided to sanitize bus stands, autos, and other places. 

Such a good thing to do in times like this.

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