Janitors Are Dressing Up As Doctors In India So They Can Molest Female Coronavirus Patients

Janitors in India were arrested by the police for dressing up as doctors and molesting female coronavirus patients.

2 cleaning staff that were dressed in PPE kits entered a coronavirus ward in Jharkhand claiming that they are doctors.

They molested female patients.

The police have arrested the 2 janitors and have sent them to jail.

According to reports the incident happened at a make-shift coronavirus center set up at a polytechnic college in the Gooda District of Jharkhand state.

The center was exclusively for females that belong to the rural areas of the state.

According to reports, 2 youths that were dressed in PPE kits barged into the center on the evening of Friday and asked the female patients to move into the next room for a checkup.

They then told the women that they came from New Delhi for special treatment, which did not raise any alarm.

The female patients were brought in a secluded room, where the 2 janitors touched a number of body parts of the women.

A number of patients protested and asked why they were touching their body while doctors always told them to maintain a good physical distance.

After noticing that the women in the center were becoming angry, the 2 fled the scene right away.

The police were called to the scene and an official investigation was launched right away.

The police arrested the accused the next morning and it turned out that the 2 suspects belong to the cleaning staff.

They were outsourced by a cleaning company.

The police have made strong security changes in the coronavirus ward.

The 2 have been arrested but their identities were not shared with the public due to legal reasons.

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