Lucknow: Hindu Samaj Party Leader Kamlesh Tiwari Stabbed 15 Times And Shot In Face

Hindu Samaj Party Leader Kamlesh Tiwari stabbed to death and shot in the face inside his house in Lucknow on October 18, 2019.

The autopsy report of Tiwari showed that he was stabbed 15 times on his body and was shot in his face.

The report said Tiwari had 2 deep stab wounds on his neck and a bullet on the back of his skull.

On October 18, 2019, 2 men called Hindu Samaj Party Leader Kamlesh Tiwari on the pretext of fans who wanted to give him a box of sweets ahead of Diwali 2019.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the men entered the house of Tiwari and attacked him right away.

34-year-old Ashfaq Hussain and 27-year-old Moinuddin Pathan, the 2 main suspects of the brutal murder of Hindu Samaj Party Leader Kamlesh Tiwari, were arrested by the police on October 23, 2019.

According to NDTV, the 2 Muslim men said they killed the leader to avenge the statements he made against Prophet Mohammad.

Authorities arrested Hussain and Pathan in Surat, Gujarat.

They were tracked down by the police through the box of sweets that they brought to the house of Mr. Tiwari.

The sweet box had an address that was from Surat.

One day before the murder, Hussain and Pathan checked into a hotel in Lucknow with their original names and addresses.

After the murder, the 2 returned to the hotel to dump their clothes and to get rid of the guns that they used.

Hussain and Pathan went back to Surat, Gujarat, and were located with the help of their relatives and friends.

Authorities also arrested Maulana Mohsin Sheikh, Rasheed Ahmed Pathan, Faizan, and Sayyed Asim Ali.

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