Massive 750 Kilogram Stingray Caught In India’s Karnataka Region

A deep-sea fishing boat that sailed from the Malpe Port in Karnataka found a massive 750-kilogram stingray fish that got trapped in their fishing net.

The fishermen brought the massive stingray back to the port and weighed it, where it was confirmed that the fish is 750 kilograms.

It was reported that the fish got entangled on Wednesday this week in the net that was spread out by the fishing boat.

Nagasiddi, a boat that is owned by Prakash Bangera, a resident of Malpe, was the one that caught the fish.

They shifted the fish to the shore with the help of a crane.

Stingray fish are known to be a delicacy in India and are heavily exported.

In Tuli, Stingray fish is known as Thorake or Kombu Thorake.

Locals gathered in the port area right away to take a glimpse of such unique and massive fish.

During an interview with the local news agencies in India, Bangera said that big catches like these only help them become famous, but buyers are not really willing to invest such huge money in one go.

During an interview with IANS, a local news agency, Bangera said:

I sold the fish at Rs40 per kg, and though I made a profit, it was not as lucrative as it would have been had I caught a small fish, which would have fetched me no less than Rs300 per kg.

Bangera said that they usually throw such fishes back into the sea, but because it was already dead when they discovered the fish, they ended up deciding to bring the fish ashore.

Kirshna S. Suvarna, the Mangaluru Fishermen Association President, released a statement about the incident, where he said:

The weight may vary but they (such big fish) are caught on a regular basis. This happened in Malpe and not in a remote area where it would not have been reported. But due to a large crowd in Malpe and because of social media, it has gone viral.

He also said that this type of fish is loved by people in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

Such fish is not considered a delicacy in Karnataka.

Stingray fish in India needs to be brought to highly skilled butchers so it could be cut open properly so they could be packed and sent and sold to hotels and restaurants all over India.

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