Molester Caught On Cam Stalking, Groping, And Kissing Women On Mumbai Train Station Bridge

The railway police of Mumbai arrested Raijur Habibur Khan on Thursday for stalking, groping, kissing, and molesting women in Matunga.

The women in the video did not come out to register a case against Khan, so the police were forced to arrest him in a case of theft.

The police are now asking the women in the video to come forward and file complaints against the accused.

In their request, the police said they will keep the identity of the women as anonymous to keep them safe.

The police are also trying to figure out ways to file a case of molestation against Raijur if the women do not file a complaint against him.

Raijur Khan can be seen in the video above molesting, groping, and kissing women on the bridge in the Matunga area of Mumbai.

According to the Mumbai police, they got to know about his molesting acts on January 25, 2020.

In the video, Raijur can be seen closely targeting women that walk alone in the bridge.

Raijur would come close to the women before groping, kissing, and molesting them.

On January 25, 2020, a woman reported what happened to her on the train station, but an official case against Raijur was not registered.

Upon investigating the claims of the woman, the police scanned the CCTV footage of the cameras that are installed on the bridge.

During the investigation, the police found more evidence on how Raijur was molesting the women on the bridge.

In their efforts to arrest Raijur, the police in civil attire laid a trap on the bridge.

The police arrested Raijur when he was targeting another woman on the bridge, but he failed as the police were there.

The police arrested him under the Indian Penal Code Section 379, which is for theft.

The police said Raijur is originally from Uttar Pradesh.

The molester was living in Mumbai for work.

The police added that Raijur is married and has children.

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