Mumbai Police arrest Republic TV CEO Vikash Khanchandani in connection with TRP scam case

The crime branch of the Mumbai police has arrested Vikash Khanchandani, the CEO of Republic TV, for being connected with a TRP scam case.

It is believed that Vikash is connected with the TRP manipulation scam.

A court in Mumbai remanded Vikas to police custody until December 15, 2020.

The police said that Khanchandani is the 13th accused that has been arrested in the TRP scam case that they are looking into.

The crime branch of Mumbai Police is currently looking into the Republic TV, Fakt Marathi, Box Cinema, News Nation, Mahamovies and Wow music for inflating the viewership figures.

The channels are reportedly paying money to houses to keep the channels on.

It is believed that the channels are paying people to install barometers.

The police said that households were being paid to keep certain channels on.

It is believed that people were paid around 400 to 500 rupees per month for keeping the certain channels on.

The charge sheet of the case has 140 witnesses.

Forensic auditors and members of BARC or Broadcast Audience Research Council are also in the sheet.

The Mumbai Police did not release more information about the case.

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