Muslim Police Officer Carries Hindu Woman On His Back For 6 Kilometers To Save Her Life

India: A Muslim police constable in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, is currently viral on social media right now for the selfless act that they did.

The police constable that we are talking about carried a Hindu woman on his back for 6 kilometers in order to save their life.

According to reports, the woman fainted during her trek to the famous hilltop temple of Tirumala.

Shaikh Arshad, a member of the Special Police Party deployed on the trekking route in the hilly and forest area for security and duty did something really good.

Mangi Nageswaramma, a 58-year-old devotee, was trekking when her blood pressure went high.

She failed to walk any further and the kind constable did something that was really amazing.

The Special Police party accompanied the other devotees on the long route and the woman was carried by the officer.

The constable ran towards the nearest medical facility.

According to reports, the officer ran and walked around 6 kilometers through the difficult terrain to make sure she gets medical assistance.

The news was confirmed by the state director general of police Gautam Sawang.

The woman was amongst a number of devotees that set on the pilgrimage by walk.

The best thing about this constable is that he is dedicated to helping other people.

The same constable helped another old and sick devotee named Nageshwara Rao by carrying him on his shoulder to a bus stop where he was brought to a hospital.

Such a selfless police constable.

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