Here’s What The Way You Clench Your Fist Reveals About Your Personality!

There are many different ways in which an individual’s personality has been linked to certain physical parts of the human body. Your hands often hold the most information about your lives regarding many things, such as the way you act, make choices, and behave in general. Now, we tell you how the way you hold your fist may hold the key to a further understanding of your personality. Your intelligence, talent, and character can be easily defined the style you clench your fist. It may seem like a strange way to understand yourself but it’s scary accurate and you’d be surprised by what you discover about yourself.

Your Fist Reveals About Your Personality (1)

What you simply need to do is, just naturally close your hands and make a fist. By closely examining how you closed your own hands, and where you placed your fingers (thumb under the fingers or thumb on the fingers), you can determine certain aspects of your personalities which are commonly associated with the three main fist types seen in the picture.

Type 1 – Thumb on the side of the fingers – Extremely energetic and a little impatient

Do you ball up your fist with your thumb resting against your index finger?

Your Fist Reveals About Your Personality (2)

That means you are extremely kind and unselfish, but can be taken advantage of because of this. You are sensitive, have a strong imagination, great intuition, tend to help people, strive for new knowledge and experiences, curious, funny, self-ironic, insecure, and compassionate. You’re enthusiastic, extremely energetic and a little impatient. You are the one who doesn’t bother about trifles. You make easy way towards the money or money makes the easy way towards you.

People like you are always called adventurers and daredevils, but at the same time, many won’t understand how often you feel nervous and how much you need help and protection sometimes.

You are little reserved with your emotions and feelings! No matter that how good and deep you feel for someone, you will dilute the expression of feelings, and suppress your emotions.

Type 2 – Thumb on the fingers – You are a truly creative person

Do you ball your fist with the thumb covering numerous other fingers?

Your Fist Reveals About Your Personality (2)

It means, you’re smart, quick, confident, generous, extremely creative and have great self-esteem, which constantly draws people to you. No matter how confident, you sometimes do not make bold decisions out of fear of losing everything. You are the kind of person who loves to organize the things in their life and often need approval and praise. You are most likely to be intelligent and flexible through life.

These people are sometimes afraid of their internal fears. These fears are not so well defined, but these fears are like- Insecurities about future, fear of falling down career and some fears about left alone in life!

You always over think about your commitments, future and stuck yourself in the depressing memories. You’re always hesitant, eager to have someone accompany, but not allow yourself to do so. Because you love your partner very much, and you don’t want him/her to hate or sick you, thus, you act like you do not care.

Type 3- Thumb under the fingers- Lucky to have this fist type

Finally, what if you hide your thumb under your fingers?

Your Fist Reveals About Your Personality (3)

It means — Your charm and wit attract many people. You are emotional, sensitive, thoughtful, practical, good at phrasing and manipulating. You’re a person with vision and strive for nothing to disturb your inner harmony. Most of the time, you just choose to remain silent, but that is your mildness, you would rather sacrifice, but not letting anyone to be hurt. You also get sad for others, but should learn to not let it completely get you down.

Your greatest weakness is having a soft heart. You are sweet to forgive someone no matter how wrong they have done to you! You really don’t like the hustle and bustle circumstances. Love hurts you but you know how to recover yourself.

These are the lucky humans because their plannings, ambitions, goals and targets of life are fully achieved as life supports them a lot! The weird downside of their personality is, they are hell argumentative and deeply believes in revenge if feel defeated. Their sharp tongue is enough to defeat others sometimes! The best thing about them is, they don’t care what other think about them. These beings love to cheer life through what they get out of it!

What do you think? Does it seem right for you?

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