Learn About The Seven Chakras And Their Significance In Your Life!

Our body is an energetic system through which the universal life force flows and our seven chakras are a part of this energetic system. The chakras are not something physical and we can’t see them. They are aspects of our consciousness. They help us to understand the close relationship between our consciousness and our body, or what we call as the mind-body relationship. They connect us with the larger part of ourselves, the universe, and at the same time they hold the secrets to a healthy, prosperous and gratifying life.

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Importance of Chakra System:

Chakras are the psychoactive energy centers in the human body. Although most people have heard of seven chakras, there are actually 114 chakras in the human body. In addition to the 114 chakras, there are 72,000 nadis or energy channels, along which vital energy or ‘prana’ moves. When these nadis meet at different points in the body, they form a triangle. We call this triangle a chakra, which means “wheel” or “circle”. We call it a wheel because it embodies movement from one dimension to another. Some of these centers are very powerful while others are not as powerful. At different levels, these energy centers produce different qualities in a human being. These chakras are directly associated with the physical, mental and emotional health of a person.

Out of these 114, two are outside the physical body. Of the remaining 112, only 108 can actually be worked upon, the remaining four just flower as a consequence. Of 108 chakras, only seven of them constitute the main energy centers.

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All seven chakras have their own particular color, light and specific number of ‘petals’ or segments around the perimeter of the chakra circle. These are the colors we see in the rainbow – violet, indigo, green, yellow, orange, blue and red. Each of these seven chakras vibrates with a specific frequency related to their color. The decisions we make and how we perceive and respond to conditions in our life is regulated by these vibrations.

The 7 Chakras: How the chakras affect your everyday life?

The seven fundamental chakras are known as Muladhara, which is located at the at the base of the spine, the space between the anal outlet and the genital organ; swadhisthana, which is just above the genital organ; Manipuraka, which is just below the navel; Anahata, which is just beneath where the rib cage meets; Vishuddhi, which is at the pit of the throat; ajna, which is between the eyebrows; and Sahasrara, also known as brahmarandra, which is located at the top of the head.

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1st Chakra: Mooladhara – The Root Chakra

This first chakra is located around the tailbone at the bottom of the spine. It is represented by a red color. Its primary functions are to give vitality to the body and to perform basic survival processes.

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Mooladhara is made up of two terms: “Moola” means the root or source, and “adhar” means the foundation. It is the very basic foundation of life. In the physical body, your energies need to be in the Mooladhara chakra to some extent. Otherwise, you cannot exist. If your energies are dominant in Muladhara, then food and sleep will be the most dominant factors in your life.

People with an open root chakra find it easy to plan their finances and work towards success. They feel stable and secure both personally and professionally. Those with closed root chakras often find they struggle with financial matters, or feel disconnected from the world around them.

2nd Chakra: Swadhisthana – The Sacral Chakra

The glowing orange Swadhisthana chakra is located just above the genital organs (below the naval). It is responsible for the flowing of energy between yourself and your loved ones. If your energies are dominant in Swadhisthana, you are a pleasure seeker. When this chakra is active, you enjoy the physical reality in so many ways.

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Having an open sacral chakra usually results in a comfort with one’s own sexuality, and a longing for pleasure — which is free from guilt or shame. However, with the closed sacral chakra, a wide range of problems may manifest, including sexual frustration, addiction to narcotics or other substances, a joyless over-indulgence in many things.

3rd Chakra: Manipuraka – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Between the navel and the sternum is the third chakra, represented by a golden yellow color that gives us the energy to make the choices and decisions that lead us to our goals. If your energies are dominant in manipuraka, you are a doer; you can do many, many things in the world.

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The symptoms of a closed solar plexus chakra are feelings of insignificance and voicelessness or having little faith in one’s own opinions, goals or dreams. Conversely, blockages in the third chakra can also create a sense of false confidence.

4th Chakra: Anahata – The Heart Chakra

In the center of our chests is the heart chakra, which has vital importance to our inner health and happiness. Anahata is located in the heart area and is like a transition between our lower chakras and higher chakras. Anahata is a combination; it is a meeting place for both the survival and the enlightenment chakras (The lower three chakras are mainly concerned with our physical existence).

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The Anahata literally means the “unstuck.” If you want to make any sound, you have to strike two objects together. The unstruck sound is called “Anahata.” If your energies are dominant in Anahata, you are a creative person. A person who is creative in nature, like an artist or an actor, is someone who lives very intensely.

This chakra gives us the power and energy to love not only each other but also ourselves. Those with closed heart chakras find it difficult to forgive and move on from emotionally difficult situations, leading to misery and suffering.

5th Chakra: Vishuddhi – The Throat Chakra

The next chakra is the “Vishuddhi,” which literally means “filter.” Located in the area of our throat, the bright blue energy of the throat chakra is the center for our expression and creativity.

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If your energies are dominant in vishuddhi, you become very powerful, but this power is not just political or administrative. A person can be powerful in many ways that he can manifest life beyond the limitations of time and space.

Those who have an open throat chakra generally find it easy to express their opinions without causing offense, are thoughtful listeners and do not shy away from opposing what they see as unfairness. A closed throat chakra can result in something of an identity crisis.

6th Chakra: Agna – The Third Eye Chakra

Located in the forehead between your eyebrows and represented by a powerful yet soothing indigo color, this chakra is responsible for intuition, foresight, and belief in the power of our senses.

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If your energies are dominant in agna or if you attain to ajna, then you are intellectually enlightened, which brings you to a certain state of peace and stability within yourself irrespective of what is happening outside of you.

People with an open third eye chakra are comfortable with the existence of their unconscious minds. They recognize and know how to listen to their dreams, visions, premonitions and gut feelings.

7th Chakra: Sahasrara – The Crown Chakra

The seventh and final chakra is located at the crown of our head (where when a child is born, there is a soft spot). Represented by a vivid and regal purple color, this chakra gives us the energy that drives us towards a sense of enlightenment and spiritual accomplishment.

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If your energies are dominant in “Sahasrara,” you become ecstatic beyond all reasons. You will simply burst with ecstasy for no reason whatsoever because energies have touched a certain peak.

An open crown chakra will produce elevated thoughts and feelings, and more divinely orientated aspirations. A closed crown chakra can lead to feelings of a lack of direction, jealousy, and bitterness.

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